MACRA / MIPS Solutions

The goal of MACRA – MIPS to replace pay–for–performance reimbursement for pay–for–value appears noble. It makes logical sense that better healthcare outcomes should be incentivized. However, it’s a zero-sum proposal. Which means that for every person gaining, there is a person loosing.

So, the issue is – WHICH SIDE ARE YOU? WINNER or LOOSER?

YourMIPS score shall decide if you are rewarded or punished.

Obviously, you need to streamline your operations, improve patient care quality as well as their satisfaction.


Our Services ...

Software Dev

Software Development / IT Services

We are currently highly proficient in Java and Oracle technologies. We are also preparing for Mobile applications and tele-connectivity. ... more


Revenue Cycle Analytics

Revenue Cycle Management has evolved over the years. However, with increased Demands for patient care, MACRA and MIPS, ... more

Macra Mips


We capture and document every discreet data required by Clinics for MACRA Quality Reporting as well as achieve maximum earnings ... more


CCM - Chronic Care Management

Our unique CCM Solution not only makes it simple to manage your patients but also helps and encourages them to manage their self care. ... more

SEO Performance

EMR Optimization

Do you know your Total Cost of Billing? Do you capture discreet data as required for MACRA and MIPS? Your EMR may not be ... more

Medical Report

Automated Note Generator

Healthcare providers documenting patient care delivery can use any of a spectrum of different documentation methods, including ... more

Tele Medicine


Our Unique Telemedicine platform alongwith RITA (Robotic Intelligent Telehealth Assistant) lets you connect remote located Care... more



We use HL7 standards and the MIRTH Engine to connect you with Laboratories of your choice in your region. ... more



While most EMR systems make it difficult to interoperate with other systems, our unique Wrap technology allows you to send and receive ... more



Our Wrap Around Technology makes it so conveninet to integrate with Products of your choice. Let us know your ... more

Medical Coding

Automated Medical Coding

Our EMR has unique complex Algorithms which automatically generate E&M codes based on your Patient encounter Notes. ... more

Clearing House

Clearing House

We have tie-ups with a specialized Clearing House so that you need not worry about your outward Claims as well ... more


You have and so have your printing headaches. We provide efficient and economical third party printing services to ease your document printing woes. ... more

Call Reminder

Call Reminders

We get you automated Call / Appointment reminders for your Practice. Make it easy to inform your patients about their appointments with you. Save your time too.... more

Automated Revenue Recovery

Automated Revenue Recovery

Have Recovery Issues from patients? Just opt for our automated Revenue Recovery program and get your money recovered at minimum cost. ... more

A Thought for Future !!!

Future of Healthcare lies in the convergence of Digital Data and Devices with Human interaction leading to new Clinician / Patient association based on improved awareness, prevention and self-management approach.

While Technology will be used to collect & wirelessly transmit Data & changes in Vital Signs, it will be the EHR where the data analysis by Clinicians shall take place to help improve patient care. We are ready and will continue to upgrade for these futuristic events.

We are ready to take on Big Data and shall strive to use it intelligently to diagnose & treat so as to improve Healthcare productivity and Patient outcomes.

“ Most of the industries , have embraced the idea that the customer comes first.Healthcare has lagged far behind. No more, the recognition has finally dawned on healthcare providers, that meeting the challenges of today rests on their ability to put the customer at the centre of everything they do, changing from a paternalistic approach to a patient cantered approach that will recast between patient, providers and payers. ”

see what Partners are saying..!

This is the ‘Apple’ of EMR’s, I have used it for over 5 years and it is just an amazing product. I urge every one of my Physician colleagues to look ...more


John Edwards

I have seen 100’s of EHR’s and used many, I was amazed when I saw Radekal. It is a great example of an EHR/Productivity Technology Tool. With more than 4,000 drill down ...more


Earl W Ferguson

We had 3 Physicians in our practice; One of the Physicians retired. We took on Radekal and because of its ease of use, it did not slow us down and ...more


Hawaiian Clinic

« A few words about us »

With the advances in IT, there has been a dismantling of geographical borders and brought various services within the reach of the common man. This also demands a more responsible role to the providers of IT Technology especially in Healthcare as we strive to improve Patient care. We provide technology services in Healthcare IT to improve and enhance patient care by improving the performance and efficiency of healthcare providers. We specialise in Java Technologies and Oracle database.


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